As I was thinking about what to really post about daily for the month of November I was a little torn between continuing with quotes or doing a challenge. I decided to go with the challenge. So the challenge is to post daily what I am thankful for. With Hope & Warmth with a Purpose 2016 right around the corner I have been thinking about everything that I take for granted that someone else would be so happy to have. So starting today with the hashtag #simplythankful I will be posting everything that I am thankful for whether by video, graphic, written post. I challenge you to join me #simplythankful. Example: Today I am thankful for the opportunity to challenge myself and challenge others to recognize the little things that we take for granted. #simplythankful What are you thankful for?


The Launch 

The new website is now up and I am so excited. I hope that you will continue to follow me over there and be inspired and encouraged. I truly appreciate all of the love that you have shown to SimplyMyLifeZ. Thank you so much and see you next door at Simply My Purpose. 


New Website Coming 

So I have really been working very hard on this new website and it is almost ready to launch. I hope that you all will stay tuned to see what’s to come. I’m super excited about the steps that I’m taking and the plans that are coming together. I definitely lost my footing for a little while but I am back on track and pushing forward. I will keep you all updated of the launch. #simplymypurpose #websitecomingsoon